“Australasian Assistance is an independent company with strong relationships across the globe providing clients with the best solutions to their travel, medical and security needs”


Australasian Assistance was established by Janine Benson, an industry veteran who is recognised around the World as a leader in designing, building, and managing 24/7 Emergency Assistance Centres servicing both leisure and corporate travelers.

Throughout her long career, Janine has helped travelers caught up in major catastrophes across the World, including 9/11 in New York, the Bali Bombings, civil unrest in East Timor, and evacuations from Egypt during the Arab Spring.

In addition to her hands-on experience of managing many crises, Janine has successfully managed teams of up to 80 people dealing with up to a thousand cases at a time.

Global Reach

Australasian Assistance has access to a consortium of assistance companies around the world providing “Local Partners, Global Solutions”.

We are confident that no matter where you are, whatever problem you face, we will have the expertise available to help you.

Australasian Assistance is supported by a dedicated and experienced team of case managers, medical officers and support staff, who all work extremely hard to solve the many problems that travelers and ex-pats encounter around the World.

Round the clock & around the world, Australasian Assistance are there for you.