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Case Studies

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Security & Risk Management Services

Securing your business from operational risks is a first priority for any organisation. Losses of life, intellectual property, physical assets and reputation can have a devastating and lasting impact on

Just another day at the office

Wednesday 11 January 11:11am: Ring Ring! Ring Ring! “Hello Australasian Assistance client security help line can I help you?” “Hello this is ‘Client Company’ Security Manager in Damascus and

After the Crisis is over

After the crisis is overFirst of all what is a crisis as what may seem a crisis to one business it may not seem to be to another.A crisis is

Story behind airport codes

Three-letter airport codes are part of the alphabet soup of travel, and while some are glaringly obvious others are completely cryptic. So what's really in an airport code? Let's

Managing delays and expenses

While a number of business travellers enjoy business travel and the opportunities it provides, all the time spent traveling for business can add up to frustration, lack of productivity and,

Flying with medical conditions

Modern aircraft are not pressurised to sea level equivalent. Cabin altitude equivalent is usually between 5,000 and 8,000 feet which means that there is a reduction in barometric pressure

Accident Hazards While Traveling

Accident hazards while traveling are generally treated far too lightly, although accidents are what most frequently put travelers in the hospital. Studies from Switzerland and the United States prove

Smartraveller Top 10 Travel Tips

An article from Check the latest travel advice and subscribe to receive free email notifications each time the advice for your destination is updated. Take out comprehensive travel

40 Genius Travel Tips

1. Use a private or incognito window when booking flights and hotels online. 2. Keep loose chargers and cables organized with a glasses case. 3. Use straws to carry

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