Securing your business from operational risks is a first priority for any organisation. Losses of life, intellectual property, physical assets and reputation can have a devastating and lasting impact on a business.

Australasian Assistance along with our PACE First partnership provide in depth risk management services, meaning that for every solution we provide for you and your organisation we provide at least a second and third tier of solutions. Australasian Assistance and PACE First are well equipped to help clients identify, evaluate and mitigate operational risks. Additionally, should an incident occur, Australasian Assistance and PACE First are recognised as a leading provider of crisis response and assistance services.


We help clients understand and manage their unique risk profile, regulatory requirements and geographic exposures to anticipate possible disruptions and impacts, plan response and recovery strategies and understand the full-context of consequences at every level of an organisation – from site to the boardroom. We help reduce the impacts of a crisis by ensuring best-practice systems, skilled leaders and access to experts are placed to protect people, business and brand.

  • Security Risk | Technology, Assessment, Policy & Management
  • Travel Risk | Technology, Assessment , Policy & Management
  • Crisis & Emergency Management | Technology, Plan, Train & Exercise
  • Business Continuity | Assessment, Plan & Management
  • Response & Evacuation Plans | Medical & Security
  • Information Communication Technology Risk
  • Country Specific Risk Assessments
  • Project Feasibility Assessments
  • Predictive Risk & Integrative Method (PRIMe) Assessment


We help clients manage their safety, security and travel risks and respond to critical incidents globally. We ensure the best-people are protecting and responding through our Trusted Networks – Beyond Borders and use technology to avoid incidents, alert those at risk and activate response teams when time-is-critical.

  • Response Network Coordinators | medical, security, evacuation, special risks
  • Crisis Management Coordinators & Teams
  • Family Liaison & Welfare Coordinators
  • Community Liaison & Welfare Coordinators
  • Trauma Counsellors & Psychologists
  • Government Liaison Coordinators
  • International Legal Advisors & Negotiators
  • Security Management Coordinators & Teams
  • Close Personal Protection Experts | executive, high net-worth & hostile regions
  • Intelligence Analysts & Surveillance Operatives
  • Information and Communications Technology Security Specialists


We help clients gain confidence through progressive training and exercises with specialised courses tailored to their structure, operations, culture and values. Our training courses, eLearning and technology with content developed through real-world experience and academic research, ensure learning outcomes are relevant, consistent with adult-learning principles, aligned with the client’s objectives and delivered with appropriate tone and empathy to participants of all experience levels.

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (3 – 5 Days)
  • Travel Safety & Remote Training (1 – 3 Days)
  • Crisis & Emergency Management Training (1 – 2 Days)
  • Anti-Carjacking Training (1 – 2 Days)
  • Kidnap, Capture & Captivity Training (1 – 2 Days)
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (1 – 2 Days)
  • Elearning & Virtual Reality Production


We help clients ensure the best people are supporting their business through permanent and contracted subject-experts, local relationship managers, business and cultural advisors, support staff and technical specialists – especially valuable when entering or exiting international markets.

  • In-Country Representation & Network Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Case Management & Reporting
  • Cultural & Local Business Advisory
  • Legal Advisors & Negotiators
  • Local Subject-Experts & Support Personnel | Fixers
  • Translating & Interpreting Services | 155 languages and dialect

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