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24/7 Worldwide Assistance!


Cost Containment

Our vast experience in Global Medical Assistance means that we understand the importance of cost containment in regions where medical expenses are not regulated. Strong relationships with key providers ensures we are in a position to negotiate advantageous rates for our clients. Deep knowledge of the medical industry ensures that we can protect our clients from unnecessary or inflated charges.


Global Medical Assistance

Australasian Assistance provides 24/7 medical assistance, ranging from initial medical assessments, referrals, medical evacuations, hospitalization, patient monitoring, major incident management, dispatch of essential medication, hospital visit by friends or family members, return of dependents, repatriation of mortal remains and much more. This is the corner stone of our business and we are totally committed to ensuring people who are away from home are given the highest level of medical care available to them.

Round the Clock and Around the World, We Are There for YOU.


Home Assistance

Australasian Assistance is able to offer highly responsive 24/7 home assistance services for any general household crisis, such as storm damage repairs, plumbing repair, locksmith services, air-conditioning repairs, general home repairs, pest control services and many more.


Global Travel Assistance

Our goal is to minimize the stress of travelling away from home. We are available to provide travellers with a wide range of information relevant to their trip, including inoculation advice, security warnings, health risk information, visa and flight information, local weather, foreign exchange updates, lost luggage and other general travel assistance. If we can help, we are just a phone call or email away.


Car Assistance

Australasian Assistance is able to offer highly responsive 24/7 car breakdown assistance ranging from minor on-site repair to towing as well as hotel reservation, car rental assistance and many other value added services.


Emergency Evacuation

Our team has worked directly on some of the world’s most devastating disasters, including 9/11, The Bali Bombings, 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks and the 2004 Tsunami. We are very experienced at determining when and how best to evacuate people from danger zones or following an individual accident or medical event.


Security Assistance (PACE First)

Australasian Assistance risk, security and crisis experts bring over 20 years of experience in over 130 countries – conducting assessments, delivering training, reviewing project feasibility, engaging in complex negotiations, delivering business continuity plans, providing on-ground protection and supporting during major crises.

Together, Australasian Assistance and PACE First have managed some of the highest-profile international crises including post-disaster, civil unrest, large-scale political risk evacuation, complex and high-profile medical and security assistance cases.

PACE First regularly deploy with clients and provide protection in global hot-spots and continue to help organisations and individuals ensure the best Preparation, Assistance, Communication and Emergency (PACE) support is made available through our “Trusted Networks – Beyond Borders”.



Third Party Administration (TPA) Services

Our TPA services enable insurance companies and corporations to add further value to their policyholders, customers and employees. We ensure a convenient and seamless hospitalization experience by providing admission guarantees, a 24/7/365 contact centre, membership cards, health campaigns and so on.